Sunday, January 24, 2010

Pot luck lunch is not a good idea!

Well it's sunday and I am ashamed of myself. We had potluck for lunch after church today and the temptation was to much for me to handle. I had a piece of brisket, meatloaf, 2 meatballs a scoop of lasagna and a Hawaian Punch. Man it was good though! I've been hanging my head ever since we left. I did good for breakfast eating only and apple, orange and half a wheat english muffin. My official weigh in this morning put me at 205.8 on the weight watchers digital bathroom scale so I guess so far so's working! I've got a plan for dinner and I think I'm going to grill a boneless chicken breast on the ol' George Forman grill and cut it up and throw together a grilled chicken salad. One thing I did do good today was I have not ate any snacks, goodies or treats which is a huge deal for me. You should have seen the desserts today at the potluck oh my gosh it was rediculas, I try just to walk by and not even look. My wife brought two of them which you could view on her blog if you want.
You know, when I stopped smoking about 3 1/2 years ago I thought it was one of the hardest things I've ever done but I would say going on my 90 day freak out diet is going to be just as hard. When we are sad, we have food. When we are happy we have food. When we are depressed we have food. When we are hungry we have food. Food is everywhere... Food is Awesome! Billions of dollars every year are created because of food. Not eating food sucks and I'm hungry!

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