Saturday, January 23, 2010

I can do anything for 90 days

Ninety days is what I have given myself for my own weight loss expieriment I call "An Average Guy's 90 Day Freak Out Diet". I'll first start by saying I'm not that great at following through on things sometimes so I'm going to need a lot of help on this one to make it work. A little bit about me......... I have a great wife that I just love to death and wonderful kids who keep us both very busy. My name is Justin Case well, not really and my problem is I need to drop some weight and I'm freaking out about it. By most peoples account, I'm not exactly what you would call huge but to me I'm fat and I'm tired of it. When I met my wife back in 03 I would say that I was 185lbs and looking pretty good and feeling good. Since then, I've been as heavy as 224lbs which is about a 40lb difference and right now I'm down to 209lb. I'm 35, turning gray, beat down and in a slump I feel like. I don't think I am the only guy out there who feels like me but this is my story and its all I've got. I do have one thing going for me, when I get frustrated, fed up and then put my mind to it, I feel like I can do just about anything but I have to get to that point first. I can go for years being tired of something but not actually getting to the point where I am absolutely ready to do something about it. I have made it to that point now and like I said, I'm freaking out about it. I'm not one for blaming someone else for my problems but if you only knew how good my wife can o man. My wife is literally the Queen of cookbooks and if you don't believe me just look it up. A professional cake decorator, dessert making extroidinaire and an all around Mini Martha Stewart is probably the best way to describe my wife. For this reason, I attribute at least half of my weight to this fact and not to mention my wife holding me down and forcefully shoving brownies and cup cakes down my throat for the last 5 years. Man I hate that! Another major reason for my rediculas weight gain I'm blaming  was quitting smoking which I did for about 8 or 9 years. When they say you'll gain weight if you quit smoking, this is no lie and try to do it while you have a wife like I mentioned and it's a bad combo! Ok so I have pretty much got the blame on everything else but myself...goood, thats the way it should be right. Now I'm stuck figuring out how to undo this mess that I got myself into. I actually considered smoking again but decided that it was bad for my health and it would defeat my purpose. I've been griping about how I need to loose weight now for several years and have never really done anything about it until now. This will be my 90 day adventure  good or bad and I will write about it every day good or bad . I will report on what I've ate for the day and what excersise if any that I did (not much I have a feeling). I'll be honest, I hate to excersise and weight are to dang heavy! I have not consulted with a doctor on this and don't recommend doing what I'm doing to anyone. Please check back regularly and follow me on twitter where I'll be tweeting about what I'm doing and what I've  had to eat. I probably won't be weighing myself everyday as I've learned that it's about like watching paint dry but I will update that once or twice a week to let you know the progress which is the whole point of doing this. If you know anything about loosing weight or dieting or mind over matter or decipline, please comment on my blog and let me know what you think. My 90 day freak out diet is basically me changing my eating habits, cutting out any soda, junk food, treats, and basically eating way less food, smaller portions and being hungry all the time! I'm officially starting this thing on Monday but I'm actually doing it right now and it sucks. If your into watching someone suffer, sign in and follow my blog. It's Saturday Jan 23, and I'm hungry!

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